The Chad Smoke Shop 420 LTD

Canada's Favourite Smoke Shop

The story of Chad’s 420 begins in the early part of 2006 in the town of Olds. Chad Wentworth, CEO and Founder of Chad’s 420, had just sold off his portion of a local collectables/comic book store and was waiting for his next adventure to begin. After several conversations with a long-time friend and warehouse Manager, Chad decided to invest his money in a retail location, a few store fixtures and some inventory.
Voila; Chad’s 420 was born!

The reaction to his new store was immediate and extremely positive. Since Chad was a long-time resident of Olds, the town welcomed his new store to the business community. The demand for the products Chads sold was overwhelming. They generated more revenue from that one little store than Chad had ever thought possible.

The rest is history!
Chad now employs over 30 full time staff between his head office, warehouse and many retail locations. Truly a Canadian economic success story! He is poised for incredible growth across the province and country as Chad’s 420 explores future expansion opportunities.

City Of Vancouver Receives Almost 200 Dispensary Applications

After putting zoning and licensing regulations in place earlier this summer, the City of Vancouver was inundated with 176 applications for businesses looking to sell or allow the use of medical marijuana on their premises, according to a media release. Out of the 176 applications, 69 of them could potentially operate as enthusiast-based “compassion clubs,” while the others have applied as retail businesses.

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The Munchies As A Medicine?

"Anna Demarco was 21 the first time she smoked weed. She was having an anxiety attack in the car with her friend Patrick, who had a habit of burning while cruising, and he passed her the bowl to try to help calm her down. Anna didn't know what else to do, so she took a hit...."

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